Cordless shades are getting really popular now as they are much safer than your typical window blinds. This is because the cord and strings on the traditional window has the potential to entangle your child pets and might even suffocate them. Hence, for families with young children or pets, it is better to buy cordless shades or blinds as this new mechanism totally removes any dangling strings. All the owner needs to do is to push on the bar at the bottom of the shades and the string mechanism within will immediately spring to life. You can then easily move the cordless cellular blinds up or down your window, depending on how much light you want to let into the room.

Most of the cordless shades in the market is not cheap due to the cost involved in creating the pull mechanism within the shades. If you want to find cheap cordless shades, I suggest using a price comparison tool as outline in my last article about cheap cellular blinds under 100. Such price comparison tool will pull in the prices from different online shopping sites including the likes of Amazon, and countless others. At one glance, you will be able to see who has the lowest price cordless shades available in the market. Among all the different price comparison tools, one of the most powerful is Google Products. You should definitely make use of it to see what kind of cheap deals on cordless shades can you get out of it.

One recommendation for a cheap brand is Redi shades. This is a company that sells normal cellular blinds for under 10. I am not sure if they have the cordless version but it is worth your time to take a took at their company's website to see if they are indeed offering cordless cellular blinds. Of course, do not expect customer made cordless shades from this Redi brand. Anything that is custom made will definitely cost more money.

Before ending the article, I want to alert you on the Black Friday deals that is going on right now. During this special say, there is tons of cheap prices available online for a lot of different products. You might get lucky and hit on a cheap buy if you do a little research on Google. Try tying in keywords such as "Black Friday deals for cordless shades 2010" or Cordless shades black friday deals". These should give you something to work on.